Thursday, December 22, 2011

ElDiablo DVD premiere in Vegas

How 'bout a Vegas premier for the EDR film? Jeffo, the dude on the cover is throwing a premier at Vamp'd in Vegas on Wed, Jan. 25. You can join the event here:
and here's a little flyer I whipped up tonight. Please share it around with anyone who might be interested.
A few people have asked if this photo was staged. The answer is hell no. Me, Jeff, and probably a dozen other riders ended up together after crossing the border in Mexicali. I pulled into a drive-thru convenience store that conveniently has cold beer. Grabbed a Ballena of Pacifico (which I enjoy) and stuck it in my vest and we all took off. Just seemed like the thing to do. The roads are pretty desolate, so not long after the store we started passing the bottle back and forth while riding. Not like anyone was getting drunk sharing one 40oz beer between half a dozen guys, so stay off the pulpit. I was riding with my camera so when I saw Jeff taking a slug off this thing with that ridiculous Sugar Bear front end, I just thought it was cool as hell. It ended up being the best pic I took the whole trip, and became the cover of this DVD. So, go to Vegas and have fun and watch the movie and tell Jeff thanks for being the EDR poster child.
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