Thursday, March 24, 2011

SpitFire high and tight pipes on sale for just. . . .

High N Tight pipes on sale!
The new Spitfire High N Tight pipes are on sale now for just $299

Get yours Now!

Turn Outs

Straight Shot

These pipes are mandrel bent, and ceramic coated for a bullet proof finish. High N Tights come complete with heat shield, and all mounting hardware. Available now for all Evo Sportster models. Like all of the parts in the Spitfire arsenal, they are made in our shop right here in the USA!

FYI: It has come to our attention that an outbreak of L.A.M.E. is spreading through the motorcycle community. If you, or someone you know has been installing parts imported from outside the United States on their bike, they may be a victim of L.A.M.E. Please help us stop the entire bike culture wold from becoming a bunch of L.A.M.E.s by only using American Parts!


  1. Following your logic, you must be running American made electrics, wheels, brakes, and tires?

    I like my stuff made in the USA when possible- but it's impossible to have a 100% American-made bike. C'mon.